What happens when an English-teaching, natural-hair-loving New Yorker and her Portuguese designer/art director husband (bump fists) and mix their creative juices? You get Breezy Tee, an online store where you’ll find a collection of full and hooded t-shirt hair towel wraps, satin lined cap beanies, satin lined knit beanies and other products that maintain healthy hair.

Breezy Tee

Loved by women all around the world, Breezy Tee has been featured in various publications including The Huffington Post, Essence.comIndependent.co.uk, The Glitter Guide, Gal-dem.comAfrobella.com4chairchicks.com and more.

Now that you know who we are today, here’s a little story of how my curly hair troubles led to the birth of Breezy Tee …

After a lifetime of relaxing my hair, I finally took the leap and did the BIG Chop (cut all my hair off) about 3 years ago. Going natural meant relearning everything I thought I knew about my hair … and FAST.

One of the things I discovered was my terry cloth bath towels were damaging my natural hair right before my eyes. How?

Glad you asked.

The rough terry cloth fabric was causing frizz, dryness and breakage. Even worse, it was sucking the moisture in my natural curls that were desperately trying to peek through after decades of relaxing.

And that’s when it happened.

I said goodbye to Terry cloth towels and hello to not-so-old t-shirts. While washing my hair one day, I finally had my own Oprah “aha!” moment. You see, I had been scouring the house for shirts to sacrifice when I decided to use the jersey material to create a chic and healthy towel AND have it double as a head wrap. Genius!

After testing out various fabrics, we settled on absorbent, fashionable materials that tackles frizz, moisture retention and breakage. Now because I’m not just the Breezy Tee president, but also a client … you can trust you’re getting products that are “curly, kinky and coily-hair approved.”

So, if you’ve been silently suffering from the frizzy, dry and damaged hair blues, we invite you to join women around the world, with all different hair textures, who are using our products to keep their hair healthy. You see whether you’re sleeping or hanging with friends, we’ve got you and your hair stylishly covered!

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