Babyliss Natural Hair Product Review

Babyliss Natural Hair Product Review
Babyliss Natural Hair Product Review

To use heat, or not to use heat, that is the perennial question.  Since going natural, I haven’t used tons of heat on my hair.  The longer I have my natural hair, and the longer it gets, the more I want to switch my styles up.   I had an old flat iron I used when I permed my hair that never got my natural hair the way I wanted it.  It wasn’t until I started to research, did I realize my natural hair reacts differently to heat.  DUH, of course it does.  Why did I expect my natural hair to be receptive to the same products my permed hair would?  Babyliss Natural Hair Product ReviewEnter the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron 1.25”.

The product boasts it is a “conductor of heat and maintains stability in ultra-high temperatures. Negative ions are emitted for faster straightening and locking hair’s own natural moisture.” As a woman with natural hair, retaining moisture is a HUGE deal.  The risk of heat damage is always a worry, so the idea of getting my hair straighter, faster, was another big bonus.

The iron has 5 heat settings.  I didn’t want my hair bone straight, so I tried the iron on, 300 degrees, 320 and 375.  I found 375 got my hair straighter faster, but not bone straight.  It came out just how I wanted it to.  It can go up to 450 degrees, but I’d caution against any natural hair ladies to go that high.  All hair types are not created equally, and cannot equally handle all levels of heat. Babyliss Natural Hair Product Review

I also needed a new blow dryer, and figured I’d go for the Babyliss set.  Babyliss Natural Hair Product ReviewI invested in the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer.  I have very thick hair that takes forever to blow dry.  This blow dryer cut the drying time in at least half.  I was amazed.  It’s also super lightweight, so my arm wasn’t killing me as I blew it.  It’s very powerful!  I only used low heat and switched between that level and the “cool” button and it worked perfectly.  The dryer is a bit noisy, but so far I’m happy with my purchase.

 Babyliss Natural Hair Product Review

Babyliss Natural Hair Product Review

Me using our Moroccan print t-shirt hair towel wrap to absorb maximum moisture before blow drying.

Babyliss Natural Hair Product Review

My hair before using the blow dryer.

Babyliss Natural Hair Product Review

Here is my hair after blowing it dry on low heat and the cool setting.

Babyliss Natural Hair Product Review

Here is my hair after using the flat iron. Again, I did not want it bone straight and used it on 375 degrees.


  1. I ALWAYS use CHI silk infusion before I use any heat. It protects my hair from the damage heat could do
  2. I never use my blow dryer on the highest heat setting. Even it if takes a few minutes more, it’s worth not risking heat damage.
  3. Never use the the flat iron on the highest setting for natural hair. It takes a second to fry your hair beyond repair and it’s just not worth it.
  4. Check out a few flat irons and blow dryers that natural hair reacts well to.  Check out the pros and cons and definitely read reviews.
  5. The more you hold the iron in one spot, the straighter it will get.  (I didn’t want my hair bone straight the first time I used the product)
  6. The next time I washed my hair, I made sure to deep condition just to ensure my hair was getting all the nutrients it needed after having used heat.
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What are your favorite flat irons and blow dryers for natural hair?

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