Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Lovegasm

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Lovegasm
Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Lovegasm

harlotte Tilbury lover her glow, and her new Glowgasm Lovegasm Face Palette is proof of that.  She released two face palettes, Lightgasm, for more fair skin and Lovegasm for deeper skin.  I grabbed Lovegasm, and with our  XL Satin Head Scarf worn as a headband, in coral, Pantone’s color of the year, I dug in!Charlote Tilbury Glowgasm Lovegasm

The Lovegasm face palette has a beautiful blush (Pop It), a bronzer (Bronze It), a soft highlighter (Light It), and a more intense highlighter (Glow It).  Listen, I love makeup palettes, I love Charlotte Tilbury products, and I LOVE being able to cross off different steps of my makeup routine with just one product.  They’re perfect for travel, and when they’re quality products, as Charlotte Tilbury’s are, it can make the process quick and seamless.

Charlote Tilbury Glowgasm LovegasmI started with the absolutely gorgeous peachy coral gold blush color.  This one is a stunner!!  It has beautiful pigmentation, and on my skin gave me the most pretty peachy glow.  In fact, on days when I’m really in a rush, this blush will make a great blush/highlight duo, saving me time.  This blush is one that will look beautiful on all skin tones.

Charlote Tilbury Glowgasm LovegasmNext up is the champagne gold highlighter.  You can never go wrong with a champagne gold glow.  It gives a beautiful glow that you can keep subtle, or build up for more glow.  A little goes a long way, so with any illuminator makeup, always start with a little and go from there.  You don’t want to put too much too soon, as it’s hard to correct that late in your makeup routine.  It give the bridge of the nose & Cupid’s bow a nice glow as well.  I can’t say enough about this shade.  I love a sophisticated, subtle, glow and that is just what this highlighter delivered.

Charlote Tilbury Glowgasm LovegasmThe bolder highlighter is a beauty bronze/copper highlight.  It’s beautifully pigmented.  For me, the color is not something I’d necessarily wear as a highlighter, but certainly as a blush, I think I would love it.  Instead, this time, I used this color as a shimmer eyeshadow.  It gave my eyes the most beautiful, and subtle shimmer and glow.  The color on the eyes worked perfectly with the other products on the face.  I’m getting more and more into one color on the eyes and this worked so well.  It blended out easily and there was no fallout.  So, this is a color people can really play around with.  If it’s too bold for you as a highlighter, you can certainly use it in other ways, making this palette even better.  Again, being able to travel or go about your day with a single palette that ticks different boxes is awesome!!

Charlote Tilbury Glowgasm LovegasmFinally, we have the bronzer.  I’m still not sure how I fully feel about it.  It’s a beautiful color, which is incredibly pigmented, when I use my finger.  I did have trouble picking up product on a brush, which could be down to the two brushes a tried.  Once on my skin, it gave me a subtle warmth.  It had a reddish undertone, and did warm my face up.  However, I do wonder if this will work on women with a deeper skin one than I have. I’m not sure.  Finding bronzer for black women is not always an easy thing to do, and this was so subtle on me, I can’t imagine it showing up on darker skin.  What it did do was give the perimeter of my face the most beautiful natural glow.  So, I can certainly get use out of all four colors, I can’t say that for my deeper toned ladies.  I do wish the bronzer was deeper, so that I could use it as more of a contour, and it could appeal to more women.

Charlote Tilbury Glowgasm Lovegasm

My first impressions were beyond favorable.  My face had a beautiful soft focus finish, from each of the four products.  Charlotte consistency releases sophisticated products, which is why I dislike the name of the palette so much I think Glowgasm is a bit cheap for such a sophisticated brand.   I think they played to a younger audience with the name, and for me it fell flat.  This is absolutely a palette that will come with me on vacation, and one I will get a lot of use out of this spring and summer.  I’ll say it again, I LOVE glow, and this Lovegasm palette is giving me as much as I can handle!

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Lovegasm

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