Breezy Tee featured on and

Breezy Tee featured on and

“Breezy Tee towels are so soft and stylish! Solids, patterns, and two-in-one colored scarves made to dry your hair or rock as a turban.”

Breezy Tee has been featured on and as a great and healthy option for drying your hair.  Naturally, we agree.  Our hair towels are extremely soft and gentle, which means your hair is protected from damage.  They come in beautiful and vibrant colors and patterns.  We’re sure you’ll find one to fit you perfectly. Our towels are made of a lightweight cotton that makes them feel like an extension of your hair.  In fact, they’re so lightweight, people also wear them as head scarves.   Head on over to our shop and pick up your Breezy Tee hair towel today.  Breezy Tee Shop

If you’re wondering what makes our towels different from regular towels, keep reading.

Breezy Tee featured on and, Breezy Tee featured on and
Breezy Tee featured on and, 
Breezy Tee featured on and
Breezy Tee featured on and

Jersey T-shirt Hair Towels vs. Terry Cloth Towels

Let me ask you this, do you eat lots of pizza for those toned abs you’ve always wanted?  Have you ever rubbed sand paper against your skin to exfoliate?  Sounds crazy, right?  That is essentially what you’re doing when you use terry cloth to dry your hair.  “I want nothing more than my hair to be hard, rough and dry,” said no one ever.  So, if your goal is soft, healthy, hair, how is a rough fabric like terry cloth going to give it to you?  It won’t!  What it is doing is damaging your hair, creating split ends and even causing breakage.  To top it all off, good ol’ T is stripping your hair of the moisture it needs.  It’s time for you to break up with terry.  Go on, you can do it. I know what you’re thinking.  “If I break up with him, what am I going to use to dry my hair?”  Funny you should ask, Breezy Tee jersey t-shirt hair towels, of course, is perfect for drying your hair.  But before we go there, let’s recap!

Drying Your Hair

When one door closes (see ya terry), another opens (well hello there jersey).  The weave of the jersey t-shirt fabric makes for much safer drying.  It protects your hair from breakage and split ends.  Jersey is soft and smooth, so drying your hair with our towels will be gentle.  Less friction means less damage. It also reduces frizz. We curly girls know how important that is. And, it’s EXTREMELY absorbent, so you’re not giving anything up by ditching ol’ what’s his name. In fact, you’re upgrading and improving the overall health of your hair. Our hair towels are so lightweight they feel like an extension of your own hair.  So much so, people are wearing them as head scarves too.  So, not only is your hair looking and feeling better, you’re fabulously fashionable at the same time. SCORE! Do yourself a favor and STOP using terry cloth today (he’s just not that into you) and come on over to the jersey side (he’ll love you long time).  Let’s do a final recap, shall we?

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Anyone else feel like pizza?

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