Favorite Summer Glowy Dewy Products

Favorite Summer Glowy Dewy Products

Summer makeup lets us get away with looks we may look crazy trying in colder months.  For me, summer is the perfect time for glowy dewy makeup.  There are varying degrees of this look, you just have to find the right one for you.  I personally like a natural glow amped up a bit.  I want a glow from my base products, my highlighter, eyes and lips, all while not going too over the top.

Of course every makeup look starts with getting my hair out my face.  This time our beautiful and vibrant Ankara & Satin Bonnet did just the trick.

Here are some of my favorite glowy products that I’ve used for this look.

Favorite Summer Glowy Dewy Products

Favorite Summer Glowy Dewy ProductsFaceCharlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter in Warm Tan 6

This product can be used underneath foundation, as a highlighter, on top of foundation, or alone, as I like to do it.  It does not give foundation coverage, so know that, going in.  If you want something to hide all your sins, this isn’t it.  It does however give my skin an instant glow. The glow is certainly dewy, but not over the top, and it sets the foundation (no pun intended) for a glowy look perfectly.  This is one Charlotte Tilbury product I can recommend for glow.

Favorite Summer Glowy Dewy Products

Favorite Summer Glowy Dewy ProductsEyesTom Ford Cream & Powder Color Golden Peach

I find a cream eyeshadow is perfect for a glowy look.  This Tom Ford shadow makes the eye almost look wet.  It’s such a beautifully pigmented eyesdaow.  You can stop with just the cream, or you can add a bit of the golden powder to amp it up a notch.  These shadow come in different colors, but I like the softness of the Golden Peach cream eyeshadow.

Favorite Summer Glowy Dewy Products

CheeksNARS Wanted II Blush Palette

This palette is a must have.  There are two Wanted makeup palettes, one works better with lighter skin, the other with darker skin.  There is a color for any look, and this is a top blush palette, in my makeup collection.  Because I went in with a softer eye, I used a coral blush color on my cheeks.  It added a natural flush to go with the natural glow look.  A little goes a LONGGGGGG way.  Be careful as you dip your brush into the pans, the color payoff is insanely vibrant.

Favorite Summer Glowy Dewy Products

High PointsMarc Jacobs Dew Drops Fantasy

The name says it all.  Dew is in the name, so I knew this had to be the highlighter for this look.  This is beautiful makeup for black women, and anyone with darker skin.  This is a cream and it can be tricky.  My suggestion is to start with very little and then add more as you go, because a little can be a lot.  I also strongly suggest using your finger with this product.  It seems the heat from your finger makes it easy to blend.  It may take a little bit to blend it, but boy, it pays off beautifully.  This is a perfect summertime illuminator makeup.

Favorite Summer Glowy Dewy Products

Favorite Summer Glowy Dewy ProductsLipsMarc Jacobs Gloss Sticks

For the perfect lip, Marc Jacobs Gloss sticks are the perfect option for the lips.  With peppermint oils, and other oils, it’s an incredible lip moisturizer and perfect for lip care.  It’s also very glossy, with really nice pigmentation, essentially making it a glossy lipstick.  It feels so lovely on the lips and does not stick at all.  Be warned! It feels so good, once you get a couple, you’ll want more.  Just a word to the wise, the gloss sticks only go up.  They do not go back down, so be careful not to twist it up too much.  In the photos, I’m wearing Sugar Sugar.  I also own Sweet Escape, which is a pink color.

Favorite Summer Glowy Dewy Products

Finishing TouchMAC Fix+ Goldlite

Okay, this step is for the lady who like to go that one step further.  MAC Fix+ is the perfect way to end any look, and for me it’s the best makeup setting spray.  Well, their new Goldlite does just that with umph.  You get the same setting spray, we all know and love, with flecs of gold, taking any look up a dewy notch.  For those summer days when you don’t want to wear too much makeup, or none at all, it also gives you a nice sheen, before you walk out the door.  It’s a perfect jazzed up makeup finishing spray.

So, these are just some of the products I use for an easy, breezy summertime glowy dewy look.  Let me know in the comments what your go-to products are for summer.

Favorite Summer Glowy Dewy Products

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