Hair Tips and Hair Products for Cold Weather

Hair Tips and Hair Products for Cold Weather
Hair Tips and Hair Products for Cold Weather

Each season brings with it natural beauty, and new hair tips.  For our hair, it can also bring elements that are hard to deal with.  As we enter the colder months our hair faces new challenges, like extreme dryness, that can even lead to dandruff.  We can’t have that!

Now that we know what we’re up against, what are we going to do about it?  I spent last fall and winter living in Granada, Spain.  The air during the winter is EXTREMELY dry there and my hair and skin were paying the price.  I had to change my routine.  Whether you’re facing really dry cold air, lots of wind or snow, these simple cold weather hair tips are sure to help.
Cold Weather Hair Tips

  1. HONEY
    Make honey your friend during the fall and winter. Retaining moisture is extremely important in the colder months.  Between the wind and cold, moisture is easily stripped from our hair. Honey is a humectant (a substance that absorbs, or helps another substance retain moisture).  What I like to do is add honey to my deep conditioners.  It not only gives my hair extra shine, but it also gives my hair the extra moisture it needs.  Twenty minutes under my hooded dryer once a week, with my honey infused conditioner, and my hair is good to go!
    Protect your hair with satin lined hats, silk or satin scarves or even protective hairstyles.  One of my favorite things about colder weather is I get to wear hats.  I’m a huge hat girl.  What I don’t like are harsh materials rubbing against my hair, stripping it of moisture and making it dull and dry.  I know when I wear my satin lined hats, my hair is stylishly protected from damage while moisture is being retained.  Satin and silk are gentle on your hair and they lock in moisture.  I wear our own Breezy Tee satin lined beanies.   You can pick yours up here.Cold Weather Hair Tips
    Cold weather and wind can do a number on the ends of our hair. Keep those hair scissors handy.  If you’re noticing lots of split ends, it’s time for a trim.  I used to be concerned about losing too much length when I trimmed and would go too long without getting my ends cut.  Trust me, healthy, slightly shorter hair is much better than longer unhealthy hair.  I’ve written about it in a previous blog, but something as simple and switching how you are drying your hair can decrease the amount of split ends you get.  Here is the link to my previous blog on jersey t-shirt hair towels vs. terry cloth towels.

    I love my spray bottle, and this tip is useful for every season. Keep a spray bottle handy with water and your preferred oil to hydrate you hair.  My newest favorite combo is tea tree oil and water.  My hair absolutely loves it.  After I wash my hair and whenever my hair feels dry and looks dull, I spray it with tea tree oil and water.  Then I seal in that moisture with my homemade Shea butter mix.
    Spraying is just half the battle, you have to lock in that moisture with a sealant.
    Whether you make your own or buy it, don’t forget this step.  I’ve tried a few products, but I always come back to my own Shea butter pomade.  Pay attention to what your hair loves and stick with it!Cold Weather Hair Tips

Cold weather doesn’t have to get the best of your hair.  With a few simple adjustments, your hair will flourish the whole year.  Leave a comment below to let me know how you protect your hair from the cold.

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