Marc Jacobs Leopard Frost Collection

Marc Jacobs Leopard Frost Collection

Marc Jacobs Leopard Frost Collection

This year, makeup lovers have been inundated with makeup, especially with the holiday releases.  For this makeup lover, it’s been complete overkill, and only a handful of Brands have  truly caught my eye.  Marc Jacobs Leopard Frost Collection was one of the things that grabbed me straight away.  In fact, both holiday collections released from Marc Jacobs Beauty are stunners!

Marc Jacobs Leopard Frost CollectionThe leopard print on the eye palette and lipsticks, adds a little whimsy to a sea of sameness, being offered in the makeup world.   The products being frosted is what makes this collection  special.  It is a collection that includes an eye-conic Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palette, and five lipstick shades.  With our black T-shirt Hair Towel Wrap fashioned into a head wrap, I dug in.

I’d heard some younger ladies complaining that they thought the eye shadow palette looked like it was for older women.  I am happy to be an “older woman” because this eye palette completely speaks to my heart.  It is in fact an adult, sophisticated seven pan eye palette.  We get a pop of color with a beautiful cranberry frost shadow.  Also included are two mattes, one and four other frosted colors.

Marc Jacobs Leopard Frost CollectionMarc Jacobs Leopard Frost CollectionThe standout color for me is the gunmetal frosted shade.  It is stunning!!  All the colors blend like a dream.  One can create many sophisticated looks, for day and night with this palette.  You can take it dark and moody, like I did, or lighten it up a bit.  Again, for me, it’s an adult palette.  There are no crazy colors, and it’s small enough to travel with.  We love a travel friendly eye palette.

Marc Jacobs Leopard Frost Collection

Marc Jacobs Leopard Frost CollectionTo complement the palette are the most lovely lipsticks.  I picked two up, but wanted a reason to buy all of them.  Every lipstick called my name.  After getting grip on my life, I chose Detox, which is an absolutely beautiful mocha frost color.  As seen in my picture, it wears like a mocha with almost a silver frost.  It is gorgeous, and creamy.  I’m quite the fan of the creamy, pigmented formula of a Marc Jacobs lipstick.

Marc Jacobs Leopard Frost CollectionThe other lipstick I picked up (so far) was Just Peachy!! Oh, is she a beautiful, coppery, lady!  Again, she goes on easily and is so smooth on the lips.  The color is the most glorious orange/copper frost color.  It screams autumn, as do all the colors.  I look forward to getting lots of wear out of these lipsticks, throughout the colder months.

Marc Jacobs Leopard Frost Collection

Sometimes our personalities just instantly click with something, and this collection did that for me.  The frost, on both the eye shadow palette and lipsticks, gives them a bit of umph.

Marc Jacobs Leopard Frost CollectionIf you like your makeup simplistically, sophisticated, with a little extra something, this pigmented eye shadow palette will appeal to you, as will the lipsticks.  The quality of Marc Jacobs makeup products are always high, and these are no different.  The fun packaging adds a little icing on top the cake.

This collection is limited edition.Marc Jacobs Leopard Frost Collection

Marc Jacobs Leopard Frost Collection

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