Natasha Denona Tan Bronze and Glow Palette

Natasha Denona Tan Bronze and Glow Palette

Natasha Denona hit us with another glow product, the Tan Bronze & Glow Palette.  Natasha Denona Tan Bronze and Glow PaletteShe is a beaut!! This is the second palette of its kind, after the Bloom Blush & Glow, and it seems Natasha definitely has a hit concept on her hands.  Rocking our Brown Chocolate Satin Lined Beanie, I dug in.

This Bronze & Glow palette has four sections.  There is a bronzer/blush and three highlighters, one is a cream and two are powders.  One of the things I absolutely love is this is a palette that will suit many, many skin tones. I find Natasha Denona makes makeup for black women, and all women.  I love thoughtful releases.

Natasha Denona Tan Bronze and Glow PaletteFirst up, I tried the Blush & Bronze Powder as a blush.  The consistency is gorgeous.  It’s a powder, but almost feels like a cream blush.  It’s incredibly pigmented, and not chalky.  I love to use this as a blush, with a heavier hand, and then with a light hand, use the powder as a contour/bronzer, around the perimeter of my face, and nose.  A brown blush color, on my brown skin is nothing I’d typically do, but the shade of brown works beautifully on my skin.  And because of the consistency, it blends out quickly, and seamlessly.  This is one where you use it however it works for you.  It’s incredibly versatile, and would even make a beautiful shadow.

Natasha Denona Tan Bronze and Glow PaletteNext is the Glow Cream Base.  As in with the Bloom Palette, the cream base gives the skin a really sophisticated, subtle glow.  For daily use, I’d stop with the cream base, because I like the subtlety.  It also sets the powder highlighters up beautifully, if you want to amp your glow up.  It is a really lovely warm gold color, and the cream highlighter does not cling to any texture.  Natasha Denona has really made me prefer cream glow, because her formulas are so damn good.

Natasha Denona Tan Bronze and Glow PaletteThen we’ve got the Super Glow.  Going over the cream base with this color really kicks the glow up a notch.  It can also be a beautiful companion to the cream base.  And, of course, it can be worn on its own.  It has a lovely sheer glow.  It’s not too heavy, and is another creamy powder formula.  I don’t know what is going on with these formulas, but they’re so skin friendly, in how easily they apply and how seamless the final look looks.  They really are of the best highlighter formulas I’ve seen.

Finally is the Glow Impact Powder.  It’s a stunning deep champagne gold.  For me this gives the most glow, and I like to apply just a little on the lower cheek.  With this highlighter palette, I think playing with dimension is why it works.  You don’t want the same intensity of glow everywhere.  So, by applying different products different places, it makes for a much more balanced and sophisticated finish.

Natasha Denona Tan Bronze and Glow PaletteI’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the beautiful packaging.  It’s a really lovely brown case, with almost a 3D effect.  I love that each of the two palettes match the color of the color story inside.  This Tan Bronze & Glow Palette is perfect for summer, and incredibly versatile.  You can use it on your cheeks, face and eyes, making it great for travel or when you’re on the go.  I can’t recommend it enough, and I’m certain more of these will be released, because Natasha Denona has a winner on her hands.  She’s bringing us consistently some of the best illuminator makeup.   Gorgeous formulas that yield gorgeous results!

Natasha Denona Tan Bronze and Glow Palette Natasha Denona Tan Bronze and Glow Palette Natasha Denona Tan Bronze and Glow Palette

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