Natural Hair Journey: Happy Two Year Naturalversary To Me

Natural Hair Journey: Happy Two Year Naturalversary To Me
Natural Hair Journey: Happy Two Year Naturalversary To Me

My Natural Hair Journey: Two Year Naturalversary  … What I know now

My natural hair journey has come a long way. Two years natural, and here is what I’ve learned.
I know that there will always be days I love my hair and days it drives me nuts.  I think every woman, no matter the state of their hair, can relate to that.
The days that I HATE my hair doesn’t mean I don’t love being natural or my natural hair journey.  Me missing my straight hair, doesn’t mean I don’t love being natural.  I’m a woman who likes options.

Happy Two Year Naturalversary To Me


Everything is not for everyone. Probably the most important thing I’ve learned on my natural hair journey is what my hair loves is what I have to pay attention to.  There are so many “experts” out there and so many opinions, I see too many women confused at what to do with their hair.  The internet leaves a lot of people not able to trust their own instincts and their own experiences.  Listen, every product won’t work on everyone.  That is life.  Just because my hair looks like yours it doesn’t mean the same things will work on it.  No two heads are the same, and while it’s always okay to ask for advice, the most important thing to pay attention to is what your hair is responding to, positively and negatively.  If it’s about styling tools, or styles, by all means head on over to Youtube and be inspired.  But, don’t be discouraged when girl A says a product makes her curls pop, but it did nothing for yours.  I always encourage people to experiment the first few months.  Trial and error is essential.  You won’t know unless you try, right?

The natural hair journey, is definitely a journey.

Happy Two Year Naturalversary To Me


I didn’t go natural for any deep reason.  The truth is, I just couldn’t find a good hairdresser where I was living.  I’d wanted to cut my hair for a long time, but I always thought I’d look horrible with really short hair.  After I did the big chop, I wore a hat outside for the first few weeks, and then I just embraced it.  I let my new look empower me.  What was I worried about?  I didn’t stop being funny, and loving because I cut my hair.  I didn’t stop being cute because I had less hair.  It’s amazing what you know in your head, but what you just can’t see sometimes.  One of my favorite parts of being natural is being part of a club of women who are defining what beauty means for themselves, and sharing this natural hair journey with such amazing people.  We celebrate the knowledge that what our hair naturally does is as beautiful as any other kind of hair.  Whether I throw it up in a puff or have it twisted, it is beautiful, because I feel beautiful.

So, it’s been an awesome two years of trial and error, of love and hate, of fear but ultimately a lot of pride.  The only question I’m left with now is why didn’t I do it sooner? I would love to hear about your natural hair journey, so let’s start a conversation.

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