New Favorite Hair Conditioner

New Favorite Hair Conditioner
New Favorite Hair Conditioner

Man, I had wanted to try Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle conditioner for a couple of years.  Naptural85, the only You tuber whose tips I follow, had mentioned it a few times.  Not only had it left her hair feeling wonderful, it was super cheap.  Cheap is my middle name, so I knew I wanted to give it a go.  Finding it in Europe was not an option.

Favorite New Hair ConditionerI was recently back home and made a beeline for Trader Joe’s.  PS, Try their sweet potato tortilla chips and let them change your life!  Back to our regularly scheduled program.  I decided to not only pick up the conditioner, but the shampoo too.  Both these little gems, for under 10 dollars, were a real steal.  The hair products that I use in Europe are just not cheap, so I knew I’d have to stock up while back in the states.

If you’re not familiar with tea tree oil and its benefits, here is a little info.  It is FABULOUS for the scalp.  It moisturizes, making it perfect for dry scalp.  It also promotes hair growth, by stimulating the scalp. Who doesn’t want that?  I love that it tingles just a little.  It always makes me feel like it’s doing its job.  Now be prepared, tea tree oil has a strong smell.  The beauty of Trader Joe’s line is they mixed the tea tree with peppermint and eucalyptus, leaving a very pleasant smell.

OFavorite New Hair Conditionernto the results.  I RARELY use shampoo.  (I instead cleanse with ACV and clay rinses) I made the decision to stop a while ago, so the sensation of shampoo on my hair was strange.  It definitely lathered up and did the trick, but the magic was in the conditioner.  Wow!  I still can’t believe what great slip it has.  (Slip is how soft it makes the hair, allowing for easy de-tangling) It left my hair and scalp feeling so refreshed and so incredibly soft.  I knew instantly I’d found my new favorite conditioner.  The truth is, I didn’t need the shampoo, and will only use it occasionally when I think my scalp needs it.  It’s by no means bad, but more unnecessary for my hair routine.

If you are in the US, and have a Trader Joe’s near you, you will not regret checking out this conditioner.  It is natural, filled with really good things for your hair, and honestly you can’t beat the price.  They could be charging double and it would be worth it, but the fact that they’re not gives you an excuse to stock up, which is just what I did.  I came back to Europe with a few bottles in tow, and my hair loves it every time I use it.  I highly recommend it.

Let me know what you think!

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