New Puma X Maybelline Collection

New Puma X Maybelline Collection

New Puma X Maybelline Collection

New Puma X Maybelline CollectionA Puma X Maybelline collection?  Sign me up!! Puma is one of my favorite brands, and Maybelline is a trusted drugstore brand, so my interest was piqued from the word go.  Our Gray and White Triangle Satin Lined Beanie, was the perfect sporty accessory for this collection.

New Puma X Maybelline Collection

This collection includes 5 lipstick shades, eyeshadow sticks, a highlighter, mascara and a blush face duo stick.  This collection and campaign was all about the active woman.  Whether you’re off to the gym, your dance class, or a run, this was a very sporty collection.  You have to decide how much, or how little, makeup is right for you, when you’re in a sporty mood.

New Puma X Maybelline CollectionFirst up in the collection is the Matte + Metallic Eye Duo Stick in Warrior/Flow.  The eyeshadow sticks come in a few colors, but instead of relying on my tried and true warm colors, I decided to try something new.  I chose Warrior/flow, which looked like a mocha matte, and a lilac/silver metallic.  The matte eyeshadow actually wears gray.  I’m not a big fan of eyeshadow sticks, because I find the application can be patchy.  While the consistency of this was not my favorite, the finished look was very cute.

**It must be said that the caps on the sticks were not user friendly.  I had to pull so hard to take the cap off that is knocked the tip off the matte eyeshadow stick, straight off, making it very tricky to apply.

New Puma X Maybelline CollectionThen I went in with the Color + Gloss Face Duo Stick.  This is a product I can get behind.  One side is red, the other a whitish color.  The red is a blush, that give the cheeks a nice wash of color, and the white illuminator makeup side gives a really natural, almost wet glow.  I love an efficient stick product, because they’re portable and easy to apply.  This product was an absolute winner, and I hope Maybelline considers coming out with more colors, because I’d be all over them.

Then up is the very, very popular New Puma X Maybelline CollectionMaster Chrome Highlighter, in Knockout.  Maybelline might have the best drugstore highlighter, proving illuminator makeup doesn’t have to be expensive to be good.  Knockout was a peachy gold color in the pan and went on beautifully.  You can build it up to be as blinding as you want it to be, because the color payoff is fantastic.  Layer it on top of the Face Duo Stick to add another layer.  I can’t say enough about the Master Chrome.

Finally, I tried on 3 of the Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipsticks in Unapologetic, Unstoppable and Fierce.  These lipstick shades have staying power.  My word!! They don’t transfer, which is great.  However, for me, they are not easy to get off my lips, which can get old quick.

That said, the colors were beautiful, Unapologetic is a beautiful pumpkin orange.   I’m not big on orange, but this is a lipstick I will continue to use.  New Puma X Maybelline CollectionThe coverage was perfect.  Unstoppable is a beautiful plum shade.  This one too I’ll continue to use.  Then there was Fierce.  While the color is beautiful, too much of the pink in my lips shown through.  In fact, it takes no less than 3 layers to fully cover my lips.  I probably won’t reach for this color, as it’s too time consuming for a lipstick. These lipsticks do take a little bit too dry down, so that is something to consider.

Overall, I think the Puma X Maybelline collection is a fun one.  The products are ones you could just throw in your bag and go, and they do add a little life to your face, if you want to spruce up your next visit to the gym, Zumba class, or jog.

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