Who says your hair has to suffer while you’re out and about being your fashionable and stylish self?  The days of choosing between fashion and function are over!  Our satin lined knit beanies mean you can have both.  While you go about the business of being you, let our comfy and warm beanies lock in moisture and protect your hair from damage.

Let’s talk satin! Now, I’m sure you love satin and how it drapes and caresses you from head to toe, but did you know satin is NOT fabric? You see, satin is a weave of the fabric. That means you can get satin from different types of material because it’s fabric that is woven to create the silky-smooth texture we know as “satin.”

And here’s why you should care … this luxurious texture is so gentle that it does more than just feel good. It also locks in moisture and protects our hair from breakage and split ends and reduces the “frizzy hair blues.” And because satin locks in moisture, you have no need to weigh your hair down with heavy oils and greasy products. Healthy hair is lush, and you can trust our satin products to amplify the natural beauty of your hair.

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