Six New Pat McGrath EYEDOLS Demo plus Swatches

Six New Pat McGrath EYEDOLS Demo plus Swatches

t’s time for another Pat McGrath Labs makeup review.  HOORAH!! This time she is giving us EYEDOLS, seventeen single shadows.  These are the first single shadows released from the brand, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Six New Pat McGrath EYEDOLS Demo plus SwatchesWith our coral Satin Lined Beanie firmly on my head, I dug in.

The seventeen shadows are mostly popular shadows from PMGL eyeshadow palettes, both the Mothership and smaller palettes.  Included in the EYEDOLS are 6 brand new shadows.  There are mattes, shimmers and metallics, in bold colors or more neutral colors.  Wherever you fall on the makeup spectrum, there are colors to fit your style.

Pat McGrath is synonymous with quality.  I always know this is a brand that brings the quality every single time.  So, my expectations going in were as high as they get for makeup.  I purchased a trio, which are three EYEDOLS at a reduced price and then I purchased three more shadows.

Six New Pat McGrath EYEDOLS Demo plus SwatchesFirst up was the trio, which included a new color, Burnished Honey, a beautiful brick orange matte.  It also included another new color, Rose Venus, a beautiful rose gold shimmer, and Gold Standard, a shadow that can be found in both the Decadence eyeshadow palette and the Metalmorphosis eyeshadow palette.

Six New Pat McGrath EYEDOLS Demo plus Swatches

Six New Pat McGrath EYEDOLS Demo plus SwatchesThe colors performed beautifully together.  A little bit goes a long, long, way.  Burnished Honey is one of those colors you can easily wear alone, and cover your whole eye and keep stepping.  Rose Venus has stunning color payoff.  For more intense color, applying with a finger is the way to go.  As for Gold Standard, that is a yellow gold, so for me, I prefer to wear it as an accent color.  It works perfect in the brow bone and tear ducts.  But if you like a super pigmented BOLD yellow gold, you’ll love this one.


I then used Deep Velvet, a deep plum/brown matte eyeshadow, and Telepathic Taupe a beige metallic, originally from the Platinum Bronze eye palette. Divine Mink, a brown gray metallic, from the Decadence palette, finished the look off.

Six New Pat McGrath EYEDOLS Demo plus Swatches

Six New Pat McGrath EYEDOLS Demo plus SwatchesDivine Mink was the first EYEDOL that caught my eyes.  The Decadence palette is one I’ve been waiting for PMGL to re-release, so I knew I had to have this sultry color, in the meantime.  This shadow did not disappoint.  It is the most beautiful gray/brown metallic shadow.  It’s the perfect lid color for a sultry, smoky look.  Deep Velvet is a lovely brown matte, super soft, pigmented eyeshadow, and blends like a dream.  Finally, I used Telepathic Taupe.  This color is yummy, as an accent shade and will be beautiful on a full lid.  It is a very unique brown/gold sparkly eyeshadow. These three shades meshed beautifully together.

Six New Pat McGrath EYEDOLS Demo plus SwatchesEye shadow singles are always a great way to go when you’re on the go.  I also appreciate being able to grab colors that drew me to a palette, without having to invest in a full palette.  Because I’m a firm believer that most colors need to appeal to me, if I’m going to pick a palette up.  In the case of Pat McGrath Labs, because it is a luxury brand, her EYEDOLS are great introduction to the brand.  People can get a feel for the quality, without investing too much money.  I hope this is just the beginning, and I’m thinking it will be.  It allows the brand to release new shadows, without a full palette, and without a full color story.  So, I expect more fun colors, with the quality we all know and love, to be released.

Big thumbs up to Pat McGrath and her EYEDOLS!!

Just something about the packaging.  Pat McGrath Labs is a huge brand, and it’s disheartening the amount of plastic they send out in their packages.  It’s so much, it’s hard to ignore.  My package of six small eyeshadows was filled with a box full on plastic confetti.  It was not only extremely messy and annoying, it was just unkind to the earth.  I hope that these big brands start to get more responsible, when it comes to plastic.

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