Sonia G. Pro Face Set Brushes

Sonia G. Pro Face Set Brushes
Sonia G. Pro Face Set Brushes

akeup brushes really can change the final results of any look you put together.  The Sonia G. Pro Face Set has been a game changer for my makeup application.  Rocking our luxurious silver XL Satin Sleep Scarf as a fun hair accessory, I recently dug into this fabulous face set.

Sonia G. Pro Face Set Brushes

Sonia G. Pro Face Set BrushesWith so many brushes on the market, it’s hard sometimes to narrow down the brands that will get the job done.  There are some fabulous lower priced brushes that will deliver results.  Then, we’ve got the high end makeup brushes, like Sonia G.  Sonia has built quite the following with her blog, and has taken her love of brushes a step further, by creating her own.   Sonia G. brushes are handcrafted in Kumano, Japan.  From the natural bristles, to the fude, to the handles, no detail was missed, and because of that, we are treated to the softest brushes I’ve ever used on my skin.  They also cut down application time and leave you with the most sophisticated looks.  The Pro Face Set includes five brushes, each made with the highest quality. They will be sold individually in the future.  To read the full breakdown of each brush from Sonia, be sure to visit her site.  I always learn so much from her.  Below, I include just a little of what she has said.

Sonia G. Pro Face Set BrushesI started with the Inochige brush.  Sonia says, “it is fantastic to set the foundation with pressed or loose powders, a dream with bronzer or powders to add structure to the face but it also works wonders when it comes to blush application.”  So far, I’ve only used it to set my concealer.  It is extremely gentle under the eye, and it brushes the setting powder on seamlessly. A pet peeve of mine is when makeup looks too powdery, and this brush distributes powder perfectly, never leaving me chalky, making it a perfect setting powder brush.

Sonia G. Pro Face Set BrushesFrom there, I used the beautiful and fluffy Face Pro brush.  I just like touching this one.  Sonia says, “It is meant to be used with powders, finishing powders, bronzers, also blush when we don’t require a precise application and we just want to add dimension or subtly sculpt the face, the shape is angled and slightly tapered to allow moderate precision with the placement and the application.”  This is my new favorite powder contour brush.  The brush distribution of products is just so impressive.  Even when it looks like a product on the brush, you wouldn’t know if by the results.  It just sweeps products on so effortlessly.  In 10 seconds, my contour has defined my face, and warmed it up.  I’m done in a jiffy!! I can’t say enough about this brush.  Although it applies quickly, it feels so good, you want to keep brushing your face.

Sonia G. Pro Face Set Brushes

Sonia G. Pro Face Set BrushesThen I went in with the Pro Detail brush.  This is the kind of brush you want with you always, because you really can use it for different things.  Sonia says, “This is to precisely set [the lids or other areas of the face], to sculpt, to “paint” with powder products. It was all about a small versatile tool that had to easily fit in eyeshadow pans so that we could work with any eyeshadow onto the face… should we wish to!”  I first use this to contour my nose.  Then it’s the perfect brush for me to splash some color on my eyes.  When I want a super simple one color look, this brush will get me there.  It picks up the perfect amount of product, and distributes it on my eyes beautifully.  It makes blending a dream.  It can even be used to apply a little highlight.  So this one’s a workhorse, and when I travel, it’s perfect.

It should be noted that a microfiber cloth is perfect for these natural Saikoho goat hair bristles.  Simply wiping across the cloth, will remove the product you just used, so it doesn’t transfer, should you use a single brush for a few purposes.

Sonia G. Pro Face Set Brushes

Sonia G. Pro Face Set BrushesNext I had to do my cheeks.  That is when I called on the Cheek Pro brush.  Sonia says, “Combining strength and softness in the same little brush is always quite a challenge but it was achieved in such an amazing way.  You can use it for blush but also to sculpt, set, polish, highlight, this little brush is such a versatile tool, both in personal and professional make-up kits!”  This is another very versatile brush.  So far, I’ve only used this for blush, and I’ve been thrilled.  I recently used my Dior Backstage face palette, and I honestly have never gotten as much blush on my cheeks before using this brush.  It’s brought new life to one of my favorite blushes.  I can’t say enough about this blush brush, and I look forward to using it in different ways.

Sonia G. Pro Face Set BrushesLast up was the Fan Pro brush.  Here is what Sonia says, “It works so well with both powders and solid creams, I often use it with highlighters that come in a stick packaging or with pans that have a more solid or sticky type of finish, there are some fun hybrid formulas around and this little fan can handle them so beautifully, if you pick the product with this Fan Pro and then sweep onto the skin, the glow equals glass skin and it won’t disturb the underneath application, it’s absolutely gorgeous.” I know lots of people have a love/hate relationship with fan brushes.  I love a good fan brush, and this was is a good one.  It never overwhelms with product, allowing you to build up your glow, or add just a subtle glow, depending on how you feel.  It blends in beautifully, never disturbing the makeup underneath.  It’s a keeper!!

Sonia G. Pro Face Set BrushesListen, these brushes are an investment.  They are not cheap, but again, they are handcrafted, and that comes at a cost.  In fact, they are made in small batches, and will often be sold out, on Beautylish.  If you’re looking for high quality face brushes, I highly recommend Sonia G. brushes.  I have lots of her brushes and none have let me down yet.

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