Summer Hair Tips

Summer Hair Tips

ne of the best things about my natural hair journey is how much I’ve learned about hair in general, and my hair specifically.  Here are some warm weather hair tips to help you and your hair get through the summer months happy and healthy.Summer Hair Tips

  1. Wear something on your head.  Yes, it seems obvious, but how often are we bombarded with messages about protecting our skin?  No one ever remembers hair, and the truth is, the sun can wreak havoc, if we don’t protect it.Whether you use a hat or satin scarf, something covering your head is and easy buffer between the sun and my hair.  My preference is one of out T-shirt Hair Towel Wraps, and here is why.  Our full towels can also be made into cute head wraps, so I can go from the shower out the door.  I’m not a fan of heat, so my wet hair also keeps my head cool.  Finally, I always run an oil mix through my hair, with oils that have SPF in them, before I wrap it up.  So in the summertime, I go outside with a double buffer.  I’m protected by the fabric and then the oils with SPF and Vitamin E and other goodies to keep my hair healthy.

  2. Let’s talk some about the oils that help protect your hair from UV rays.- Avocado oil has SPF, and is popular choice for hair oils. I find avocado oil/butter to be a little greasier, so less is more.  Avocado is also a hydrant, so that is something else to consider, if moisture retention is a problem for you.- Grapeseed oil also has SPF, but is a lighter oil.  This is my preference and an oil I use in any DIY recipe.  Grapeseed has antioxidants that repair cells that the sum and water can do damage to.- Coconut oil also has SPF, but I no longer use it.  I find coconut oil to be very drying, but I know it’s very popular, so I wanted to include it.  If you do use coconut oil and feel your hair is drying and crunchy, almost, stop using it and see if you notice a difference.  If you are someone who loves what coconut oil does to your hair, this might be one to consider.- Next up is the mighty Vitamin E. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant, all about repairing cells and giving our skin and hair back all the nutrients the sun takes it away.  Vitamin E is naturally present in our skin, but it’s up to us to make sure to give it back to our skin, when out in the sun for a long time.- Finally, two oils with the highest SPF levels are red raspberry oil and carrot seed oil.  While I have not used them yet, I’m looking forward to adding them to my DIY recipes. Whether you make your own products, or want to add additional oils to store bought stuff, oils are just one way to help protect your hair.  Each oil has a different SPF level, so research each oil to find out which one is right for you.

  3. Protect your hair before jumping into the pool or ocean. A super simple way to do that is by using your favorite leave-in conditioner.  Wet hair completely and work the leave-in of your choice into your hair.  Don’t just sit it on top, make sure toe work it in.  Now, when you jump into the water, the conditioner will act as a buffer between the chlorine, or salt, and your hair.  We’re all about those buffers in the summertime.

  4. Humidity & frizz are no one’s friend, especially not us natural/curly girls. Oil can also be helpful when dealing with these two monsters.  Something light like an Argan oil, or grapeseed is perfect just to rub on your hands and then gently run over your hair, is a great way to keep the have frizz control. You don’t want to weigh your hair down, so stick to the lighter oils.Aloe is also perfect for frizz and moisture.  Argan and sweet almond are light oils that also rehydrate hair.  What I love to do is keep a small spray bottle with me.  You know the little ones that you can keep in your bag or desk.  You take a light oil, or even aloe and put it in the spray bottle with water.  What happens is the water will hydrate and the oils will lock in the hydration and keep frizz down.  It’s great when you hair is thirsty for moisture.

  5. Finally, deep conditioning is paramount the year round, but certainly in the summer. If you find you’re in the pool or ocean a lot, make sure you’re diligent about your deep conditioning.  You want to make sure your hair is receiving all the nutrients and goodness it can be stripped up in too much salt water and chlorine.  You don’t want excessive dryness, which can lead to breakage.   So, even if it means deep conditioning more than once a week, depending on your lifestyle, it’s worth it.  Remember the name of the game is happy, healthy hair.

Each season brings its own elements that can cause damage to our hair.  These are just a few easy tips to make sure your hair can come out on the other side of summer thriving and healthy!

Summer Hair Tips
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