The Hair Cream That Keeps My Curls Popping

The Hair Cream That Keeps My Curls Popping
The Hair Cream That Keeps My Curls Popping

You guys, I found the hair cream that keeps my curls popping. Listen, I’m an admitted Shea Moisture girl, and those are the store bought products I use most. The Hair Cream That Keeps My Curls PoppingThey are perfect for my conditioning and moisturizing needs. Between them and my homemade hair mixes, my hair has thrived in terms of health and growth. However, there are times I want my curls to be super defined. My curly, natural girls know what I’m talking about!

A couple of months ago, I took a chance on As I Am and their DoubleButter Cream. I am IN LOVE!! My twist outs have never looked better, and my curls are POPPING! Not only does the DoubleButter leave my curls super defined, it makes my hair soft and enriched from its mix of Shea butter and oils too.

How I use it — After washing my hair and applying my oil mix, I wrap it in my Breezy Tee jersey hair towel, to let it soak up all the excess water without damage. I then let my hair air dry for a while. While it’s still wet, but not soaking, I apply the double butter cream and twist my hair up. The next day, after rubbing some oil on my hands, I undo my twists and separate. I have also used it on dry hair, and it still makes me curls really defined. When I want a more stretched curl, I apply to dry hair. Easy, breezy (tee).

The Hair Cream That Keeps My Curls PoppingIf you’re looking for a product that defines curls beautifully, check out AS I AM’S DoubleButter Cream.

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