Viseart Apricotine Petit Pro Palette

Viseart Apricotine Petit Pro Palette
Viseart Apricotine Petit Pro Palette

or the first time, I jumped into the world of Viseart, with their Apricotine Petit Pro Palette.   I love an eyeshadow palette, so I was all aboard when I saw the first post on social media.  Viseart Apricotine Petit Pro PaletteRocking our Brown Chocolate Satin Lined Beanie, in one of spring’s hottest colors, according to Pantone, I jumped in.

I knew very little about Viseart, before my purchase, but I did know it is a darling for makeup professionals, and that made me excited.  The people whose lives revolve around makeup should know a good product when they see it.  So, I went it with pretty high expectations.  I absolutely love when brands on the pricier side have smaller, less expensive, products in their range.  The Petit Pro Palettes are a perfect introduction to Viseart eyeshadow palettes.


Viseart Apricotine Petit Pro PaletteApricotine is a perfect spring eye palette, filled with four matte eyeshadows and four shimmer eyeshadows.  There are shades of browns, from light to dark as well as coral, peachy, orange colors, and a pale gold shimmer eyeshadow.  The shimmers are beautifully pigmented, and go on easily, with no fallout, at least for me.

Viseart Apricotine Petit Pro PaletteAs for the matte eyeshadows, for me those were the true surprises.  They were the most soft and silky mattes.  They blended like a dream.  To get mattes this right was just a pleasure to see.  Too often, matte eyeshadows are dry and chalky, these were the opposite.  The mattes made me an instant fan of the brand.  They clearly put a lot of effort into the formula, and it paid off.  I was a little worried the peachy matte eyeshadow would be too close to my complexion and get completely lost.  I was wrong.  Each color showed up on my brown skin beautifully.

Viseart Apricotine Petit Pro PaletteEven with an eye palette so small it fits in your hand, you can still get different looks and go from day to night.  I am very happy with this purchase and look forward to putting it in my spring rotation.  Viseart lived up to the hype, with beautiful, pigmented eyeshadow, and I can’t wait to see what they bring us next.

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