Wash Day Natural Hair Staples

Wash Day Natural Hair Staples

Wash day, a day of pampering for some, stress for others.  Look, we’re all guilty of not wanting to go through the many steps wash day can sometimes entail.  For me, knowing what products work for my hair, makes the day much more enjoyable.   So, put some music on.  Hell, light a candle, and let me share with you my absolute favorite wash day natural hair staples.

Breezy Tee T-shirt Hair Towel Wraps

T-shirt Hair Towel Wrap Full Fuchsia JerseyThis is the product that started our business, and we’re so grateful women around the world have made our towels a part of their own wash day.  I do not have a wash day without one of our full T-shirt Hair Towel Wraps.  I use it not only to fight frizz and safely dry my hair, but I also use them as head wraps, when I have to run out the house, before I get a chance to dry my hair.  This is my favorite staple, at home or when I’m traveling.  It goes with me everywhere.

Black African Soap Shampoo

This is THE most moisturizing shampoo I’ve ever used, and I made it myself.  Being able to customize a shampoo to fit the specific needs of your hair is like nothing else. I will never go back to store bought shampoos. To see how I made this shampoo, click here!

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Rinse

Boy, when your scalp needs to be thoroughly cleansed, this is the easiest, and cheapest, way to do it.  It’s just 1 part ACV to 3 parts water.  That is how easy this rinse is.  My scalp is left squeaky clean every time.  You can use organic ACV, but I use what I’ve got at any given moment, and it works great. Follow it up with a conditioner, and you’re good to go! Wash Day Natural Hair Staples

DIY Oil Mix

I can go through an oil mix.  This is my last step before getting out the shower, or anytime I wet my hair.  I fill my oil mix with oils my hair positively responds to.  This is another DIY you can’t go wrong with.  Just mix the oils you and your hair love and let it lock in moisture and nourish your hair.  I’ve also used it for a twist out and the definition of my curls was out of this world.


I love me some conditioners.  Because I’ve got my shampoo handled, I do a lot of experimenting with different conditioners.  I use conditioners to co-wash my hair, when I’m not using shampoo, and I also use them as regular conditioners after shampoo, or a rinse.  These are my current faves, but  I reserve the right to add and drop some as I see fit! Wash Day Natural Hair Staples

  1. Shea Moisture Raw Shea & Cupuacu Frizz Defense Conditioner has great slip, making it good for detangling. It smells great and leaves my hair soft & moisturized.
  2. Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner is my go-to cold weather conditioner. Honey is a natural humectant, and moisture retention is the name of the game in cold weather, so this one is a serious staple for me.
  3. Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner is amazing, and particularly amazing for the cost. It’s a great co-wash for me because tea tree oil is perfect to cleanse the scalp.  One of my faves.

Herbal Essences Bio Renew White Grapfruit & Mosa Mint Conditioner

I know we don’t always want to spend 15, 20 bucks on a conditioner.  Herbal Esssences has some awesome conditioners in their Bio Renew line.  This one smells divine and is a perfect, cheap, conditioner that gets the job done!

Denman Mixed Bristle Brush

LOVEEEEEEEEE this brush, and it was an accidental purchase.  I thought I was buying a full boar’s head bristle brush, but this came instead.  What a happy accident!  It combines boar’s head bristles, and the nylon bristles Denman brushes are known for, and BOY, it still surprises how easily it goes through my hair.  And people,  I’ve got thick, dense, hair.  This brush is a definite keeper.

As I Am Double Buttercream

I have been praising this cream for some time now.  I typically twist my hair, once it’s washed, and this buttercream gives me the most defined curls I’ve even gotten from a store bought hair cream.  Whenever I try something new, I always come back to this.

Ankara & Satin Sleep Scarf

I end each wash day with my twists safely tucked away under my satin sleep scarf.  Satin locks in moisture and protects hair from damage, and our XL scarves ensure all my hair can fit and stay covered through the night.Ankara & Satin Sleep Scarf XL Navy and White Feathers African Fabric

So, that’s it.  I don’t use all the products every wash day.  My hair has different needs.  But these are the products that I lean on most.  I hope this helps, if you’re looking for new products to add to your wash day.

Drop me a comment below with the names of any conditioners I should try.

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