Why are t-shirt hair towels the best towels?

They are stylish, lightweight and super absorbent t-shirt hair towel wraps, the best towels for your kinky curly hair.
Tired of wondering what causes split ends hair breakage and that disrespectful frizzy dry curly hair? We’ve been there & feel your pain! Prevent split ends, have full frizz control and look good doing it
Here’s the secret to fewer frizzy and dry curly hair days …
After washing and conditioning your hair, wrap, scrunch or try hair plopping with one of our stylish t-shirt hair towel wrap. Drying your hair should be fun, so be sure to choose a color and print that shows off your “wild and crazy” side. Short on time? Our full t-shirt hair towels wraps also double as head wraps, so you can dry your kinky curly hair on the go.

T-shirt Hair Towels vs. Terry Cloth?

T-shirt fabrics avoid the friction caused by that “evil” material known as “terry cloth.” Prevent split ends hair breakage and help maintain the health of your hair. Less friction means less damage AND more frizz control! And as my “curlfriend,” you know the havoc frizz can wreak on an otherwise perfect hair day.

How do you take care of the T-shirt Hair Towels?

We recommend that you wash with cold water, and air or tumble dry.
Treat it just like you’d treat your favorite t-shirt.

Why are Satin Lined Beanies/hats better?

Satin Lined Beanies lock in moisture and protect your hair from damage, while you’re awake or sleeping.
Who says your hair has to suffer while you’re out and about being your fashionable and stylish self?  The days of choosing between fashion and function are over!  Our satin lined beanies mean you can have both.  While you go about the business of being you.

Can colors vary on different computers and screens?

Yes, colors may vary slightly on different computers and screens.

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