Yellow T-shirt Hair Towel Wrap Hood Curly Hair Organic Elastic
Yellow T-shirt Hair Towel Wrap Hood Curly Hair Organic Elastic
Yellow T-shirt Hair Towel Wrap Hood

Yellow T-shirt Hair Towel Wrap Hood

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1 Yellow Hood or 2 Hoods: 1 Yellow Hood
Product description

Tired of wondering what causes split ends, hair breakage and that disrespectful dry, frizzy curly hair? We’ve been there & feel your pain! Prevent split ends, have full frizz control with our stylish, lightweight, super absorbent, cotton interlock, t-shirt hair towel wraps. Simply attach the elastic to the coconut shell button. They are the best towels for your curly natural hair, and the healthiest.

· If you have fuller hair, our full towel might be a better fit
. 10.5" x 23.5" (27cm x 60cm)
. Wash with cold water or up to 30 degrees Celsius, air dry, or tumble dry low
. Featured in The Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Essence, Independent, The Glitter Guide, Afrobella, Cosmopolitan & more.


The imprint we leave on the earth is very important to us professionally, and personally. We chose cotton as our main fabric, because it is a natural, biodegradable fabric. Microfiber was always an option, but micro plastics do considerable damage to our oceans. While most of our products have 100% cotton as part of their design, we are always trying to find ways to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as we can. Choosing coconut shell buttons, over plastic, was another necessary decision we made in an effort to cut down on plastic use.

All our packaging is made up of 100% recycled materials. From the tissue paper and boxes we use, to the mailers we send our packages in. We made the decision, a couple of years into Breezy Tee, that we needed to be more responsible for the amount of plastic we were sending into the world. While the bad stuff is cheaper, the cost to the earth was simply not worth it for us.

Now, back to our towels!

Nothing feels cozier and more comfortable than slipping on your favorite t-shirt to run errands or even lounge around the house. And we use interlock t-shirt fabric to deliver that same comfort for your natural hair. Pamper yourself and bring a little of the salon to you. Practice self-care right at home!
T-shirt fabrics avoid the friction caused by that “evil” material known as “terry cloth.” Prevent split ends hair breakage and help maintain the health of your hair. Less friction means less damage AND more frizz control! And as my “curlfriend,” you know the havoc frizz can wreak on an otherwise perfect hair day.

Here’s the secret to fewer frizzy and dry curly hair days …

After washing and conditioning your hair, wrap, scrunch or try hair plopping with one of our stylish t-shirt hair towel wraps. Short on time? Our full t-shirt hair towels wraps also double as head wraps, so you can dry your curly natural hair on the go.

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